Somerset Sketchbooks with Deb Mostert

Wednesday 14 Mar, Thursday 15 Mar & Friday 16 Mar | 10am – 4pm

These workshops will involve getting into a daily habit of drawing in the context of a sketchbook. With a simple kit of materials you can carry with you everywhere, you will discover that you can be opportunistic about drawing and this can help get us into daily creative habits of observation, discovery and wonder.

These classes will run through different drawing exercises. We will explore the versatility of pen, ink and watercolour as fast and fun ways to record what we observe in the natural world. We will look at mark making and try different types of ink media in soluble and non-soluble form with the addition of quick watercolour washes and glazes. 

These workshops will contribute towards upcoming exhibition at The Condensery, A Sketchbook Practice, an exhibition that showcases over 90 sketchbooks by Deb Mostert alongside those by artists from the Somerset region. 



– This workshop is only open to artists living in the Somerset region. Please email thecondensery@somerset.qld.gov.au if you have any questions regarding eligibility. 

– Registrations are essential. 

– Materials and lunch are provided. Please advise if you have any access or dietary requirements. 

– Interested artists are welcome to book into more than one workshop pending availability.


In this session we will focus on everyday nature drawing. Our subjects will include found natural objects, taxidermy and walking trips around The Condensery. Please bring sun protection and a water bottle.



In this session we will focus on sketchbook drawing strategies to capture the figure from life. We will learn both fast notations and longer poses for more considered portraits.



In this session we will look at indoor settings, including ‘still life’ and outdoor landscapes, as well as how to best capture the character of an environment. Please bring sun protection and a water bottle.