Soft Pressing


Soft Pressing is an exhibition which investigates and encourages an interaction with surfaces that make up our everyday environments. Through a process pressing paper to walls, footpaths or other surfaces and then rubbing graphite or charcoal, artist Simon Degroot has used ‘frottage’ to record specific places and times.

Once each surface is recorded, Degroot has returned the rubbings to his studio, provoking further layers of drawing and printed interventions. Working with the imprinted surface of a building or other textured structure in the built environment is an active way to promote agency and empower individual connection to surrounding environments. Through frottage we can find our place in the world, and then, by working with the imprinted surface we can make this place our own.

As part of Soft Pressing, Simon Degroot has visited The Condensery, recording his encounters with the former factory architecture and building materials.

About the artist

Simon Degroot makes paintings and site-specific mural installations where abstraction is used to build and compose new visual experiences at the intersection of art, design, and architecture. Hard edge forms in flat even colours interact with pre-existing image details and patterned veneers, examining the possibilities of everyday surfaces in our environment in both their historical and social dimensions.

Simon Degroot, Field Notes Yellow, 2024, graphite and ink on Wenzhou rice paper, 95cm x 68cm.


7 September – 17 November 2024