Artist Talk with Ian Friend

Friday 1 Dec | 10am – 11am

Join us at The Condensery for a morning with Ian Friend, an Ipswich based artist known for his evocative works on paper and sculpture. 

Ian Friend will discuss his approach to making and specific artworks in his exhibition Intimate Immensity, currently on display at The Condensery. 

Friend’s exhibition Intimate Immensity showcases the artist’s polymath interests in science, history, philosophy, music, film and poetry, among others. The resulting artworks are an archaeology of place, time and memory which exemplify his profound engagement with the world, particularly moments where the artist is reflective and still. 

Intimate Immensity showcases Ian Friend’s affinity and respect for materials, primarily paper and pigment. In this artist talk we will focus on the artists long-term exploration of texture, form and perspective, as well as his ability to self-critique and reflect on his work.

Bookings required for catering purposes.